There is no place more beautiful than the Gulf of California. Beautiful anchorages, great fishing
spots, fantastic snorkeling areas, lonely beaches, islands to explore and the next protected
anchorage is just a few nautical miles away.
There are so many gorgeous areas to enjoy,
beaches to search for treasures, clams to collect,
hills to climb, fauna and flora to enjoy, there is no
limit to what you can do.
Most of the time there are only very few
boats in the anchorage.
Isla San Francisco is just perfect for a nice
walk over the colorful hills.
Most fantastic places and coast lines waiting to be enjoyed.
San Evaristo, a charming fishing village
just about 45 Nautical miles north of La Paz.
Nested at the foot hills of the Sierra la
Giganta mountain range has a wonderful
protected anchorage.
Here is also a small restaurant, not all the
time open, a small store and good water.
The snorkeling is fantastic! It is like swimming
in a big aquarium full of tropical fish.
Only a few NM north of La Paz is the
incredible beautiful bay of BALANDRA.
Wonderful to swim, snorkel, fish or just
indulge in a impressive nature.
What could be more beautiful than sitting on deck, having a night cap, the Pelicans and Sea
Gulls diving for dinner, the evening breeze carries the deep scent of the island plants across,
way above the Eagles circling with the Frigate Birds, more and more stars coming out of the
velvet sky, fish coming out of the water and falling back with a splash, there are no words
to describe the beauty of a night fall at sea. This is something you have to live it.
To have a wonderful time on a wonderful boat, just
drop us an e-mail.
We give you detailed information, charts, instructions
and you will know everything to have an unforgettable
If there is no response in a day or two, check your
spam box.
Try it again or give us a call at: 011-52-612-123-5440
Since we are the only one in La Paz with a small,
family friendly boat, we are usually booked way
in advance.
Please make your reservation early.
Keep in mind, that the summer is wonderful in
the Sea of Cortez and really not to hot.
Skip the time from the end of August to the end
of September.
This is our hurricane season.
According to the NOAA, we have a 0.29% chance to
get hit and sometimes there is a little rain.
The rest of the year is fabulous.
For more information,
drop us an e-mail at
Isla Coronado, one of many gorgeous
islands the Sea of Cortez has to offer.

There is fantastic snorkeling / diving,
great hikes, protected anchorages and
most of all, nobody around, just nature!